Get immediate access to the risks associated with any transaction in real-time.


Real-Time Threat Intelligence Layer

Add an extra layer of security to your transactions with our API. This powerful tool integrates seamlessly with your application, providing real-time threat intelligence to your users so they can reject malicious transactions on time.

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Malicious Transaction Blocking

Detect signs of fraud in real-time and get immediate access to transaction details, risk scores and labels with our KYT API to offer protection to your users.

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Instant Alerts on Suspicious Activity

Identifying potential risks, vulnerabilities, or suspicious patterns that may indicate fraudulent activity in real-time for new tokens. Get all the possible risks for a specific token.

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All your digital assets security in one report

Actionnable Reports

Clear recommendations to strengthen your blockchain security, addressing specific vulnerabilities with targeted solutions for immediate asset protection.

In-depth Analysis

Detailed analysis of each wallet within an organization. Every transaction, asset, and interaction is thoroughly examined to yield actionable insights


Simplify decision-making processes with a clear and concise overview of your corporate crypto asset management security posture.

Compliance Compatible

Engineered for effortless integration with existing compliance solutions or effective standalone use, our services are versatile and adaptive.

Asset management

Streamline crypto asset management operations with data-driven insights, reducing operational complexities and maximizing resource allocation for digital asset strategies.


Ensure compliance with evolving crypto regulations and reporting requirements, minimizing the risk of regulatory fines and legal complications in your crypto operations.

Risk mitigation for organizations looking to protect their digital assets.