2FA Firewall for your wallet.

Your bank sends you an email when you use your credit card on a suspicious website. With Nefture, your wallet will now do the same. Don't let scammers steal your hard-earned crypto-assets!

No more unwanted

Nefture Security protects you against cyber-attacks, scams, hacks and even human errors!

Secure your crypto with Nefture.

With the rapid pace of development of sophisticated new scams, we are quickly crafting new solutions to counter the latest fraud and scam technology.

Blocking risky transactions

We screen transactions with our Fraud Detection Engine, ensuring that only safe transactions are processed and dangerous transactions are blocked.

Elevate your security with a trusted network

Nefture allows you to create a trusted network of DApps and friends. This allows us to constantly monitor your wallet and detect any malicious transactions in real-time.

Real-time scam alerts

Receive a notification whenever a fraudulent transaction is detected and blocked by Nefture. If you reject the transaction, nothing happens: it's as if the scam never happened.

Track your transactions on dashboard

Easily track your web3 transactions on your personal dashboard and stay in control of your crypto-assets.

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