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Real-time Web3 Security

Stay ahead of financial and cybersecurity risks in the Web3 space. We protect you from getting hacked or scammed when interacting with DeFi protocols.

Trusted by the best

Natively integrated in web3 ecosystem

We protect your wallet against scams and hacks.

Nefture is secure RPC network which protects you against web3 threats.

Active detection

Advanced decision engine which detects fraudulent activity on the blockchain

Simple explanations

Blockchain transactions are explained in simple words. No more confusion.

Easy to use

With the rapid pace of development of sophisticated new scams, we are quickly crafting new solutions to counter the latest fraud and scam technology.

Install Nefture's RPC

Just one click away !

Setup your notifications

Choose the best notification system for you.

Get alerts on suspicious transactions

If we believe that you're about to lose your funds, we will temporally block the transaction and send you an alert.

Your wallet, your decision

Even if we classify the transaction as suspicious, you still can approve it and send it to the blockchain.

Real-time assistance

If you have a question before validating a transaction, we will be here to help you out.

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