Firewall RPC

Nefture RPC between our wallet and the blockchain. We block the transaction before transmitting it on-chain. Our RPC is comparable to a secured gate. An RPC has the ability to externally influence transactions but RPCs have no power to modify or change their nature in any way, as they act after the signature.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Nefture Security?

Nefture Security is a crypto firewall designed to protect users against scams and hacks in the crypto and web3 space.


How does Nefture Security work?

Nefture Security works by intercepting transactions made by the user through our RPC (Remote Procedure Call), where we analyze the transaction data using our Fraud Detection Engine. Nefture Security will block a transaction to protect the user's assets if it is deemed dangerous or suspicious.


Is Nefture secure?

Nefture doesn’t have access to your private key or seed phrase. It can’t get, move or access your crypto.


What makes Nefture Security different from other security solutions?

Nefture Security is unique in that it operates as an RPC-based technology, analyzing transactions before they are executed on the blockchain. This allows us to provide an added layer of protection beyond traditional crypto security solutions.


What cryptocurrencies are supported ?

We support all ethereum-based tokens.


Why are we using machine learning ?

Machine learning has a vital role in our technology for detecting and preventing crypto scams. Our Fraud Detection Engine continually improves with each reported scam as it trains on this data. This allows us to provide increasingly accurate threat assessments and better protect the crypto community from fraudulent activities.


Will Nefture Security slow my transactions down?

Yes but not by much! And they are even faster when we don’t detect any problems. Our security engine screens transactions often under one second. Then you receive the notification, and can see the details of the transaction of the transaction.


How well does Nefture Work ?

Well, and we are always working tirelessly to improve our technology every day. We at Nefture are dedicated to continuously enhancing our technology, putting in tireless efforts every day to ensure its effectiveness. No security solution is foolproof, but as we gather more data and encounter more scams, our machine-learning engine gets smarter, we're confident in our ability to protect the crypto community. While Nefture is still in the early stages, we're excited to share the results of our work as we reach important milestones in data and product usage. Keep an eye out for updates by signing up.