Our mission is to stop crypto theft

Protecting the crypto community from theft is not only about safeguarding assets, but also about creating a secure and accessible future for friends, family, and new users.

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Our history

We started as blockchain development company, developing smart contracts and delivering security audits for companies and brands. After launching many projects, we realised that user security was a major issue in the web3 ecosystem. Hence, we decided to take up the challenge and developing the best security tool in web3 space.

At Nefture, we aim to protect every blockchain users.

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Our unique history

Passion, friendship and full commitment are the key words behind our story.

We know personally a lot of victims of scams in DeFi. And we made it our daily mission and job to protect them.

This is what drives us to constantly innovate and improve our product.

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Beta launch

Launch on Mainnet - With a new core-feature : The Nefture Network.

100M Users - Web3 Webflow Template

Web3 Security Conference

Web3 Security Conference with Julien Bouteloup from Blackpool and stake DAO, Gaspard Broustine of Ledger, ADAN, Opengem.

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Accelerated by Cyber Booster

Cyber Booster, the first cybersecurity startup studio backed by the government. This acceleration allowed us to quickly develop and launch our cutting-edge crypto security tool.

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Nefture Playground

We replicated known Ethereum scams on testnet to provide a safe environment for users to learn how to spot red flags and understand the protection Nefture Security offers against fraudulent transactions.

10M Users - Web3 X Webflow Template

Alpha launch

We launched the first version of Nefture Security on testnet. For several months, our community had the opportunity to test the product and give us feedbacks ❤

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Accelerated by L'Oréal

We joined L'Oréal accelerator in partnership with HEC Paris and had the opportunity to meet with top C-levels who helped us structure our company.

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Nefture was founded

Launched in December 2021, we've started our activites as a consulting company in blockchain development, audits and project security before releasing Nefture Security.